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Our Fees

Business Funding Consulting Fees 

  • We charge a success fee at a rate of 12-15% of the funding amount awarded to your business, depending on the type of service received be it business funding or personal loan. The success fee is not payable until after you receive your funds from the investor or lender. 

  • Success fees for the REI revolving line of credit is $5000 for up to 1Mil and $7500 above 1Mil

  • We also provide full business analysis services, advise on corporation set up, website how to's, sales and marketing advice, and step by step make ready service packaging for up to $3600. Pricing varies per client.

  • Please note: All fees associated with business funding consulting and services are independent of the funding received from the investors and lenders. All re-payments of loans/funds are made directly to the investors and lenders. 

Real Estate Investment Funding Fees

  • Points for each loan will be between 3%-5% of the total amount borrowed. 

  • The administrative fee for each loan is $1495-$2000

  • The appraisal fee for each property is $300-$700 for 1-4 unit properties and is paid before service is rendered directly to the service provider.

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